Wild Horse Warriors working toward a healthy range for healthy wild horses.

Wild Horse Warriors working toward a healthy range for healthy wild horses.

Wild Horse Warriors working toward a healthy range for healthy wild horses.Wild Horse Warriors working toward a healthy range for healthy wild horses.Wild Horse Warriors working toward a healthy range for healthy wild horses.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Wild Horse Warriors is to work together with other individuals and organizations to ensure the freedom and safety and the well-being of the range for the Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin Colorado   


"All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management."

About us

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What is Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area?

Sand Wash Basin is a 155,000 acre Herd Management Area (HMA). It is a fenced HMA where the Wild Horses run free. Sand Wash Basin is a multi use area, with public access.  The Wild Horses share the HMA with Sage Grouse, Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, Coyotes, Mountain Lions, Badgers, Golden and Bald Eagles, along with Dirt Bikes and ATV Riders. 

Sand Wash Basin is a Special Draw area for Elk and Deer Hunting.

Sand Wash Basin is located Northwest of Maybell, Colorado, on CR 318. The Wild Horses in Sand Wash Basin are protected by the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971.



.  The Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin are working to make the HMA a safer area for our Wild Horses. Three sides of the HMA are fenced, however the southern edge along highway 318 is not. Each year we lose Wild Horses to vehicle accidents.  We would like to put an end to these accidents, and protect the Wild Horses and visitors traveling this area.

Our primary goal will be to work with Colorado Department of Transportation and the BLM to fence the southern section of the HMA along Highway 318.

Who Are the"Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin"?



Who are the Wild Horse Warriors of Sand Wash Basin? We all are! Every time we go to the Basin, we are watching for open gates, down fences, picking up trash, reporting injured horses, new foals, or the occasional deceased horse. The point is we all are watching over the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses. We don't have to be an "organized group"; we are already doing these things. The purpose of having a "un group Group Name" came about because of the fence project that Aletha Dove started this last winter to get Highway 318 fenced. The more we learned, the more we discovered what was going to be involved. The decision to have a 501(c)(3) came about after we started talking about the tax hit that we could be responsible for if we went forward with any fundraisers for the fence project. We moved forward with a 501(c)(3) and with that we had to have a name. We are presently working under The Community Foundation of Northwest Colorado's 501(c)(3). They will continue to be our fiscal agent, until we have our own 501(c)(3). From there the idea brewed that there are a lot of us in the Basin that would like to be able to do things to support the Wild Horses. So how could we, without really being an organization, let people know what they could do, how to do it, and where to get supplies to do it, or who to contact for permission? All combined, it turned into individuals working independently on a joint effort to keep the Basin safe for the Wild Horses. We have talked to the BLM and they know what we are doing and any help we provide them is welcomed. There are guidelines, but it can be done.



Please check out the links on the top of this page to see our projects:

  · Fencing Highway 318

    Naming a New Foal

    Why A Bait and Trap

  · The First Known Public Documentation and Naming of the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse: Sand Wash Basin Through the Eyes of Nancy Roberts

  · Wild Horses to be On The Look Out For, this includes injuries or the Wild Horses that have been missing

  · Sand Wash Basin DNA Project

  · Projects that Need Our Attention 

  · What's Going on Behind the Scenes. 

These sections will continue to be updated and others will be added as we see the need.


As our fiscal agent, The Community Foundation of Northwest Colorado receives 4% of the donations that we receive. That is their fee to provide our bookkeeping services. There are some exceptions to that.  If we receive less than $100.00 and it does not go through the Foundation's accounting service, there is no fee. The Community Foundation of Northwest Colorado sends out our donation paperwork for all donations over 100.00, and does all the government and state reporting.

YouCaring, charges no fees, if you donate by credit card there is a credit card fee, charged by the credit card company not, YouCaring. 

Smile-Amazon does not charge a fee theirs is a Donation from Amazon.

For any donations we personally receive that are less than $100.00, they will not go through the Foundation Accounting system, so there is no fee. 




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