How to Report an Injured Wild Horse



  If you see an injured Wild Horse in Sand Wash Basin, it should be reported to the BLM.  Please take a photo if you can, and in your report give the location, time and type of injury, and a description of the horse.   Most phones now are able to give you GPS coordinates; if you have that availability, please provide the coordinates when you report an injured horse.  It will help a lot in finding the Wild Horse.  If you cannot reach the BLM, you can call Moffat County Sheriff’s office or the Department of Wild Life.  Do not try to approach an injured Wild Horse.  Although some of our Wild Horses appear docile, they are still Wild Animals and unpredictable.

The BLM office works very closely with the Advocates in Sand Wash Basin, and we trust them to not act hastily when dealing with an injured Wild Horse.  They also need to be aware so when the next person calls then can reassure them the injured Wild Horse is being watched.

Little Snake Field Office BLM  455 Emerson St, Craig, CO 81625 Phone: (970) 826-5000 

Moffat County Sheriff  800 W 1st St #100, Craig, CO 81625 Phone: (970) 824-4495  

 Colorado Parks and Wildlife  Elkhead Reservoir/ Yampa River State Park Office 

6185 U.S. 40  Hayden, CO 81639

(970) 276-2061