Sand Wash Basin 2009-2012


Sand Wash Basin Through the Eyes of Nancy Roberts

 In 2009 Nancy Roberts started documenting the Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin, Colorado. Many of the Wild Horses that we all know and love today were named by Nancy Roberts. The Humane Society was also conducting a study on PZP at that time. It was  at this time that they named Picasso.  It was during this time that Nancy opened her Facebook page, “Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses “, sharing her pictures and her documentation with the world. She asked everybody that visited the basin to share their photos and report new foals. They could also name the new ones. It did not take much time until she had 100,000 followers. For 2009 that was huge! I truly believe that had Nancy not done all the promoting of the Wild Ones on her page we would not have the herd we have now or the followers to advocate for the wIld horses of Sand Wash Basin!  Nancy has given us permission to share her photos and a link to her blog page with you. She has an amazing amount of Documentation on the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses from 2009-2012.  At this time her blog is not active, but the information is still there and an important part of the History of the Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin. 

At the bottom of this page you will find photos of many of our loved Wild Horses from 2009-2012. These photos were taken by Nancy Roberts and are copyrighted.

image172’s just a teaser to what you can find on Nancy’s Blog