Thank You For Your Donations

We could not have completed the water hauling without your donations


Ready to head to Sand Wash Basin


Thank you


Your Donations bought the water tanks needed


equally important was the time that the volunteers invested in our projects


To our knowledge we did not lose a single wild horse due to lack of water





Randy hauled water 5 days a week  from July 25, 2018 until the fire shut us down, Sept 13, 2018.

Without your donations we would not have been able to pay someone to haul the needed water.

Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin had randy fill any water tanks that we could find


Randy delivered water Sept. 13, 2018, even though he was sick.  When he reached Two Bar it was low, but was probably OK to get through until I hauled the next day.  He was feeling pretty rough but decided to go ahead a fill up the big truck for the tank in the basin and he returned and filled Two Bar.

Volunteers helped


 Randy didn't know that as he was filling Two Bar a fire had broken out just a few miles west.
Later that day the Basin was closed to all traffic and we were not allowed to haul water into the Basin, for a week.  Little did Randy know that by returning to Two Bar he was probably saving the lives of many wild horses.

Randy also filled natural water sources


On Sept 19th we were allowed to haul water again.  Two Bar was almost entirely dry and the tanks in the surrounding area were dry.

Randy also dumped water in Rock Cut


 In order for the wild horses to be able to stand in the water and roll in mud Randy also filled the pond at Two Bar.  

When Randy was off for the weekend volunteers dumped water at Rock Cut.

Bethell hauled in a huge tank to store water in


Bethell donated a 13,000 gallon tank for our use. It allowed us to haul water over the weekends without having to go to Craig for water. The two tanks on our truck held 1200 gallons, but it took two trips each day to haul what Bethell hauled in one load.




This is so Awesome.

Last summer my small generator quit while I was in Sand Wash Basin hauling water. We had an older larger one that got me through the summer,  but I could not move it  alone.

This fall after the water hauling project demobilized and I brought my camper home, I contacted Mick’s Service in Hayden.

He and his wife Phyllis had watched the wild horse water hauling project and to show their support he offered to fix my generator free of charge.

If only it had been that easy.  The generator that I had, had been discontinued and they were no longer making parts for it. Mick took it upon himself to continue to work with Anna Swann of Keystone Automotive Operations Inc., and today he showed up with a brand new generator!  Anna Swann warranted the discontinued generator and shipped us a brand new generator.

I can not thank Mick,  Phyllis and Anna enough.

Your Donations at Work in 2019

Lake Draw 2019


Our improvements to Lake Draw continue to be important for our wild horses.

Lake Draw


Many bands of wild horses continue to visit Lake Draw though out the day.

Lake Draw


Sheepherders Spring continued to be an issue with leakage and we decided that this would be the year to tackle getting it repaired.  

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Preparing the troughs for repairs


Thanks to some great friends who spent hours helping WHW we were able to get Sheepherders troughs lined with a truck bed liner and the holes sealed and it is almost leak free. We continue to work on two small leaks.