2018 Wild Horse Warriors Public Reports January-May

The following are copies of my reports to the BLM, not reports generated by the BLM.

At the end of each report you will see the total number of hours that were spent for each day.  I do not get reimbursed.  The reason for the volunteer hours has to do with proof for the BLM of the amount of time it is taking volunteers to do help maintain the BLM Land.  They will use those hours when they are applying for grants.

Every month Wild Horse Warriors gives the BLM a written report of our findings in Sand Wash Basin.

These reports include numbers of wild horses that we have seen and where they were seen. We include the new births, injured wild horses and deaths of wild horses.

 We includes the number of vehicles that are seen and if they are dirt-bikers, hunters, rock hounds or wild horse warriors.

We report on pond and vegetation conditions, and we report other information that we feel is important for the BLM to know.

After each project is completed, we also send them a Project Summary.

The reports that I am posting are the actual reports that have been sent to the BLM. I have removed names of the people with me for privacy 

At the end of each report you will see the total number of hours that were spent for each day.  I do not get reimbursed.  The reason for the volunteer hours has to do with proof for the BLM of the amount of time it is taking volunteers to do help maintain the BLM Land.  They will use those hours when they are applying for grants.


Wild Horse Warriors' January 2018 Report to the BLM


WHW January 2018 Report to the


By Cindy Wright

Bogie at Lake Pond eating the ice

Jan 1,2018

 I went to re-check Kiowa, the horse that had died off, of 318. We also checked our trail camera that we have on 318. We then went up 67 to46 to 52. Took 52 to OutHouse Pond then back and took 2051 to the top and back to 67. Drove to Bitter Pond then turned around and left on 67. 

4 Wild Horses on Monument Hill

20 Wild Horses at Lake Pond on 67

18 Wild Horses on 48

3 Wild Horses on 46

4 Wild Horses on 52

8 Wild Horses on 2052

13 Wild Horses on 2051

8 Wild Horses at Bitter Pond on 67

78 Total Wild Horses

2 Trucks on 52 6 Total Hours

Jan 5, 2018

 I moved the trail camera today and stopped and talked to CDOT. They had put the flashing signs up and one was not working. By the time we left the Basin they had them both working. She and I also moved the wire that was broken from Rigel and Kiowa fighting over the fence and we collected the hair for DNA for Rigel. We also closed all the open gates on 318. 

We then entered the Basin on 75. 

12 Wild Horses in the bottom in the Greasewoods

5 Wild Horses on 75

20 +- Wild Horses off, of 2078 in no mans land to far to really get a good count

25 Wild Horses on YellowCat

7 Wild Horses on 67

6 Wild Horses of of 67 down in the greasewoods

4 Wild Horses on Monument Hill

79 Total Wild Horses

1 Car 

1 Truck on 52

1 Truck on 75 hunters 

3 Total Vehicles 10 Total Hours

Jan 7, 2018

Taken Jan 7, 2018 on the northern end of Dugout.

What a surprise we had when we arrived in the Basin and saw a truck with Dirt-Bikers! The basin is so dry and fairly, warm. The Wild Horses all seem to be finding water in the washes and eating the little bit of snow that is left. They look good, and because we have had a nice long fall they actually look better than they did in Oct. The roads are still so dry, we are taking two tracks that we don’t normally travel. We are starting to see mares that look like they will be foaling, but it’s still hard to tell, we hope they are just fat. It’s warm enough in the Basin tho that several people have witnessed the stallions breeding the mares in the last month. We are also seeing some of the Bands that are seldom seen during the summer.

5 Wild Horses on 67  by Bitter Pond

18 Wild Horse on 2084

11 Wild Horses on 66N

4 Wild Horses on Dugout

16 Wild Horses on YellowCat

7 Wild Horses on 67 Horse Loop, there were more but it was too dark to get a count

61 Total Wild Horses 

1 truck with dirt bikes on 67

1 total vehicle 6 total hours

Jan 15, 2018

This was one of the more interesting days in the Basin. Needless, to say it did not end the way it was planned. Its also one of the reasons most of us no longer go to the Basin alone as often as we use to.

 I arrived early to spend a full day in the Basin. We drove up 75 across the top Down 67/126/52/46/48 and out 67. We also drove back into Cottonwood Pond.

We saw over 100 deer on 75 lots of big bucks.

8 Wild Horses on 75 off of a two track heading west

7 Wild Horses on 75 above the 66M Junction

36 Wild Horses on 67 East of Lookout Mountain on a two track

13 Wild Horses on 67 Lake Draw

26 Wild Horses on 67 Horse Loop

4 Wild Horses by Cottonwood Pond

6 Wild Horses on 48

16 Wild Horses on 46

116 Total Wild Horses

! Jeep on 48

1 Tow Truck on 48

2 Total Vehicles  12 Total hours

 I walked up a draw to take some photos and as when we returned we found Tavi, Ember and Van Gogh, sampling my car. I could hear Ember scratching my car, she left some great scratches.

If the scratches weren’t enough, We were laughing so hard I got careless and backed up the wrong way. I really wasn’t that stuck just couldn’t get any traction with my front tires as I was high centered. Good thing we had reception and I called Sid from Maybell, he came and pulled us out. While we were waiting a friend came by, they were the only other car we saw all day. 

Jan 16, 2018

I entered the Basin on 67. There was a car parked inside the corral gate. We drove up 67/126/67 and across the top to Yellowcat, back to 66N and then back to the 67 Horse Loop. From there we drove 80/46/48 and out on 67. We also drove 318 up to the cattle guard looking for horse sign and did not see any signs that the horses have been back down to 318. We do not expect to see them down on 318 until we get some snow in the Basin.

7 Wild Horses on 67 on a two track heading east

4 Wild Horses at Lake Pond

17 Wild Horse on 67 Lake Draw

5 Wild Horses on 67 below Lookout Mountain

27 Wild Horse on 67 east of Lookout Mountain

7 Wild Horses on Yellowcat

23 Wild Horses on Horse Loop 67 

24 Wild Horses on 46

4 Wild Horses by the Corrals

118 Total Wild Horses

1 Vehicle at the Corrals

3 Vehicles across the top by Mile Marker 31

4 Total Vehicles 9 Total Hours

Jan 18, 2018

/ went with me to the Basin. It was a short day, but we did a large loop, starting on 75 going across the top and back down 67/126/67 to the main entrance. It was really a beautiful day, no wind and 47 degrees. The snow was melting and what had been frozen in the washes had melted to standing water with very little ice.  We saw about a dozen big bull elk just below Lookout Mountain. 

4 Wild Horses on 75 by Lang Spring

11 Wild Horses on Dugout

9 Wild Horses by mile marker 6 across the top

8 Wild Horses on the top by the Lookout Mountain Junction

8 Wild Horses on Lookout Mountain

26 Wild Horses on 67 below Lookout Mountain

6 Wild Horses on 48

15 Wild Horses by the corrals on 67

87 Total Wild Horses

1 Vehicle on 67 across the top 6 Total Hours

Jan 23, 2018

Just for a laugh. We see lots of funny faces in the Basin

There were no other tracks. When we left ours were still the only tracks in the Basin. We stayed on 67/126 up almost to Sheepherders turned around not due to snow drifts, but because we saw no signs of Wild Horses. We did spot a couple on top of Lookout Mountain, but we were not sure we could get there so we went back to the south entrance to the 67 horse loop. We turned around as we approached 8X8 as we saw no sign of wild horses in the distance. We returned to 52. We only got a very short way up 52 and were stopped by a snow drift, returned to 126/67 and drove up 48 a very short way and the snow drifts stopped us there also.

4 Wild Horses on top of Monument Hill

1 Wild Horse by 126E

4 Wild Horses on top of Lookout Mountain.

17 Wild Horses on 67 horse loop

20 Wild Horses just east of the base of Monument Hill

1 Wild Horses across 318, Rigel has been within the fenced area for several months

47 Wild Horses 

No one else crazy enough to be in the Basin, so no vehicles 7 Total Hours

Jan 25, 2017

I ran out to the Basin to see if the horses were still on 318. I found 3 on the north side of 318 at Camper City. There were lots of tracks and we had been told there were 20 there yesterday. I did not venture into the Basin as it was supposed to be 40 today. Funny no one else has been into the Basin, except Nadja and I earlier this week.

3 Total Wild Horses No Vehicles 3 Total Hours

Jan 27, 2018

It was cooler, so we ventured into the Basin. There were still no other vehicle tracks. The drifts have settled and lots of bare ground is showing in the open areas.

When we arrived, the sheepherders were on the south side of 318, when we left they were on the north side of 318.

7 Wild Horses at the Kiosk

11 Wild Horses above Kiosk

15 Wild Horses on Monument Hill

4 Wild Horses at the Junction of 67/48

37 Total Wild Horses, no vehicles 5 total hours

Jan 28, 2018

I had forgotten to take photos of the signs of horse traffic along 318 so returned to the Basin. It was very warm and there was water in puddles in the road by the Kiosk, so I didn’t go further. There were 4 trucks with big trailer, and there appeared to be ATV tracks.

After I got home the 27th and IDed the Wild Horses in my photos I discovered that the Wild Horses that had been south of 318 in the fenced area is now back in the Basin.

The only Wild Horses I saw today were the three along Highway 318. There were three different Wild Horses than I saw on the 25th.

We were told several people from out of town that are planning to be in the Basin this week. She has advised them that the roads are bad, and they really should not be in the Basin. It is supposed to be about 40 all week. The snow in the roads will probably be gone by the weekend, but as you know as it melts the roads will be a mess for a while.

3 Wild Horses 4 Vehicles 4 Total Hours

Hoof prints along 318 east of main entrance Hoof prints along 318 west of the entrance

Hoof prints at the main entrance

3 Wild Horses along 318 


January Report Photos

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Bogie at Lake Pond eating the ice.

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Ash, taken Jan 7, 2018 in the far north east area of Sand Wash Basin.

Although we all love seeing the wild horses, part of the reason I have added photos to my reports is that a photo is worth a thousand words.

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Tavi and Ember enjoying the nice new taste of my jeep.

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I believe this was Snip and Kramer.



It is the middle of January and there is no snow to be seen in Sand Wash Basin.

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Hoof Prints along 318.


Wild horse close to 318.


Wild Horse Warriors' February 2018 Report to the BLM


Feb, 9, 2018 After giving the Basin a few days to dry up after the last moisture, I ventured out and was able to make a complete circle. The north slope of Lake Draw on 67 was interesting, and I could not get through the north entrance to the 67 Horse Loop. Choose not to try the southern entrance because of the sand. I took 66n up to Yellowcat, drove Yellowcat about ½ way and come back to 67.

I started at the main entrance and drove to the top and across and back out on 75. On all the roads there were a couple of areas that were muddy, but for the most part it was dusty dry. There is water running or standing in most of the washes that cross the roads, but not much. The ice is melting in the ponds that had ice, but there does not appear to be any water running into the ponds. It was 50 degrees in the Basin.

36 Wild Horses on 67

15 Wild Horses at 126/67 Junction

3 Wild Horses at 126E

14 Wild Horses on 66N

7 Wild Horses on YellowCat

10 Wild Horses on 67 by Lookout Mountain

85 Total Wild Horses

1 Jeep on 67

1 Truck at Mile Marker 6

2 Total Vehicles 6 Total Hours

Feb 17th, 2019 My Husband and I drove out to the Basin to check on the Wild Horses on Highway 318 and the conditions in the Basin. We tried to go up 75, but it got too muddy. It was warming up and the roads looked soft on 67 so we did not go into the Basin. We circled around, through Irish Canyon and back across 4 to 13. We saw two bands of WY Wild Horses on Cty Rd 4, but those were the only horses we saw.

Feb 22, 2018

I had heard that the Wild Horses were back on 318 so I made a trip out to the Basin. I found Yellowman along 318 east of the entrance. There was horse sign and hoofprints starting at Nottingham’s and up to the 67 entrance. I did not see any wild horses after the entrance to Sand Wash Basin. I did enter the basin and the roads had lots of vehicle tracks. Because it was late in the day I just went to the base of Monument Hill and turned around.

12 Total Wild Horses

4 Total Hours

Feb 25, 2018

I got into the Basin. It was cold and not suppose to warm up enough to melt the snow. The roads have a slight covering of snow and its pretty easy going until we got up north. We were almost to the very top of 67 about a mile from the junction where 67 turns east across the top, when we hit a snow drift I could not get through. 66N and the second Horse Loop 67 were not passable due to drifting. There was one other set of tracks we were following most of the day, but never saw another vehicle.

Yellowman and 3 bachelors were down by 318. Yellowman east of the main entrance and the 3 bachelors west of the main entrance.

15 Wild Horses on 318

11 Wild Horses on 67 just north of the corrals

2 Wild Horses on 126 just before Sheepherders 

2 Wild Horses on Lookout Mountain

30 Wild Horses on 52

60 Total Wild Horses

No vehicles 9 Hours

February Photos


Golden Eagle




Van Gogh


Shooter and Brave

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Wild Horse Warriors' March 2018 Report to the BLM


March 2018

WHW Report to the BLM


Cindy Wright

Foal Count 3-30-18

17 births 2 lost 15 total foals  

There are two sheep camps in the Basin, one close to OutHouse Pond and has been there most of the month. The other one is by Monument Hill and has moved around that area this month.

March 30 we were notified that a foal had been separated from its band. There were several people in the Basin and more went to help look for the foal. March 31 the foal was found dead by a pond. 

While they were looking for the foal, I placed a call to the permit  holder, we had assumed it was his sheepherders that had alerted the girls in the basin about the foal being separated from the band. The sheepherder had actually ridden his horse to find the girls to tell them, but no one that was there spoke Spanish. I was hoping that permit holder or one of his men would be able to contact the sheepherder to give us more information. He call me back and I learned that the sheep in the Basin belong to a different permit holder.

March 5, 2018

I went into the Basin on 67 and traveled up almost to Sheepherders Spring. It was getting muddy and there was no sign on any horses. On our return we found Mateo and his band with a new deceased foal just northwest of Copper Pond. We headed up 52 but turned around after the Rock Pond, as again the road was getting muddy. We also drove up 75 and got almost to the top and the snow drifts stopped us.

It was 36 degrees and very windy.

14 Wild Horses on 67

16 Wild Horses by Copper Pond

44 Wild Horses on 52

15 Wild Horses on 75

March 10, 2018

It was 45 and windy in the Basin. Dirt-bikers are back. I came in on 67 made the 48/80 loop and part way up 52, we turned around on 52 it was too muddy. We turned around at 126E and left the Basin on 67.

6 wild horses on 67

16 wild horses on 48

10 wild horses on 80

25 wild horses on 52

4 wild horses on 126

24 wild horses on 126E

85 Total wild horses

2 Trucks with dirt bikers by the Kiosk

2 vehicles on 126

4 Total vehicles 5 total hours

Mystic with her filly Venus

Foaling Season is in full Swing

Lots of mares looking very ready to foal

March 11, 2018

It was a beautiful day in the Basin, which brought the dirt bikers out in force. There were 12 trucks at the Kiosk with dirt biker/ATV’s

6 wild horses on 67

34 wild horses on 126E

17 wild horses on 126 by Copper Pond

28 wild horses on 67 Horse Loop

85 Total wild horses

12 Total vehicles 6 total hours

March 12, 2018

We found Picasso as we topped Monument Hill. It was the first sighting of him this spring. 

20 wild horses on 67

43 wild horses on 52

24 wild horses on 126E

87 Total wild horses 8 Total hours

0 Vehicles

March 17, 2018

29 wild horses on 75

9 wild horses across the top

38 Total wild horses

1 Total vehicle 4 total hours

March 21, 2018

I entered the Basin on 67. There have been a few people in the Basin when it was pretty muddy and some of the roads are pretty rutted, but there is very little moisture damage from run off. With the amount of traffic in the Basin now the vehicles are wearing down and smoothing out the ruts.

15 wild horses on 67

3 wild horses at Bitter Pond on 67

17 wild horses at the 6/126E junction

18 wild horses on 2051

20 wild horses on 52

7 wild horses on 2076

39 wild horses on 67 Horse Loop

40 wild horses on 66N

159 Total wild horses

2 vehicles on 67

1 vehicle on 66N

1 vehicle on 52

4 Total Vehicles 11 Total Hours

March 22,2018

I took a new visitor to the Basin today. She had come to our meeting but had never been to the Basin. It was a short day the weather was changing. We did see a few wild horses and saw about 100 head of elk across the top. Lookout Mountain is still too muddy to get up, but most of the rest of the roads are dusty dry, with just a few wet spots. We met one other vehicle and they were also first-time visitors. We came in 75 went across the top and left again on 75. We found Bugs with Diva and her foal from last year that was never seen. They are all three out of bounds and looks like Diva will foal again soon.

21 wild horses on 75

18 wild horses across the top

39 Total wild horses

I Total Vehicle 4 Total hours

They are out of bounds on 75.

March 25, 2018

There were 6 dirt-bikers at the Kiosk today. It looked like it could be rainy, but it only spit, but was cold and windy.  There is a sheepherder camped by Monument Hill. 

28 wild horses on 48

20 wild horses on 46

38 wild horses on 52

6 wild horses on 2051

7 wild horses on 126E

15 wild horses on 67 wild horses loop

114 Total Wild Horses

1 Vehicle on 80

1 Vehicle on 48

2 Total Vehicles   11 Total hours

March 26, 2018

I had not been up YellowCat this Spring and decided that since there were several people in the southern area we would go north.

59 wild horses on 126E

25 wild horses on YellowCat

22 wild horses on 52

I wild horses on 48

2 wild horses on 67

110 Total wild horses 8 Total hours

1 vehicle on 67

2 vehicles on 66N 

1 vehicle on 80

4 Total Vehicle

Photos for the March Report

Melody, watching over the still body of her deceased foal.


Melody's band members each came to tell the foal Good-Bye


Braveheart Royal


Sand Wash is more than just wild horses, we found this beautiful badger along the road.


Mystic and her foal, Venus.


Picasso survived the 2017-18 winter and is looking good.



Femur, Saratoga and Dorian





Diva and her foal. She is normally found out of bounds, this summer was in the HMA several times.


Nash (RIP)


Aponi and her new foal.




My March 2018 Water Report to the BLM


Wild Horse Warriros' Report to the BLM Concerning Water Sources in Sand Wash Basin


27 March 2018

AS the snow as left the Basin I have tried to reach as many of the Water Source areas as I could. Some are still in muddy areas and I have not made it to them.

On 75, the first two catch ponds have some water in them, the next catch pond in just mud, Delta pond has some water and Ruby’s Pond has some water. None are full.

On 66N Dugout Spring has some water.

67 Horse Loop Two, Twin Buttes and 8 x8 both have water.

CoffeePot appears to have stayed open all winter and is in good shape. Does not look like it will need any repairs.

The Pond that is off of Dugout and just below 75 has water.

Sheepherders is just mud.

Copper Pond has water.

The Sheds has Water

Bitter Pond on 67 is full, or close to full.

Avocet pond off, of 2076 has water.

126E Has water

Lake Pond and May Day Pond both have water

I have not been back to Clay Buttes Pond but have been told it has water but is very low.

Davy G is just mud. 

Two Bars has water

Picasso Pond on 80 has water

Flat Tire Pond at the junction of 46/52 has water

Ranger pond on 52 has water

The Rock Pond on 52 has water

OutHouse Pond on 2052 has water but it is very low

Jiggy Pond on 52 has water

As you can see most of the ponds have some water, but I am including photos, so you can see that none of them, except Bitter Pond, are even close to being full.  Most of the snow is gone and the roads are dusty dry except in just a couple of spots up north.

I have removed the photos that were attached, as it will not post them with the report.



Wild Horse Warriors' April 2018 Report To the BLM

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April 2018

WHW  Report to the BLM

By Cindy Wright

April 2,2018

I went out to gather DNA from the lost foal. It was a warm day but very windy. It was strange it was not so much sand blowing into my car but dry leaves and grasses. I only went to Jiggy Pond on 52 then up to 126E and back out of the Basin.

9 wild horses at 126/67 junction

21 wild horses on 126

21 wild horses on 52

9 wild horses on 80

60 Total Wild Horses 4 total hours

4 trucks with dirt-bikes at the Kiosk

April 3, 2018

I had heard that there was a large herd of wild horses on Cty Rd 12 and that Tripod was there. Tripod has not been seen in over a year and I thought I would go check out the story. I did not find any wild horses.

Sheep at MM 40 on 318.

I returned to the Basin and drove up 67 and went over to Clay Butte Reservoir. The reservoir is very low. I came out on 80 drove up to Picasso Pond and down 46/52. The Sheep camp is gone from 52, it has moved to the area around Davy G.  At the junction of 126/52 I went north to Copper Pond and then turned around and came out on 67.

25 wild horses on 67

29 wild horses at Clay Buttes Reservoir

28 wild horses on 80

6 wild horses on 52

58 wild horses on 126E

146 Total Wild Horses 7 Total hours

1 Truck at the 46/52 junction

1 jeep on 67

2 Total vehicles

April 4, 2018

Guests followed me through Sand Wash Basin. They were here from Minnesota, passing through on their way to a college interview  in Fort Collins. She has been following the Sand Wash Basin horses for several years and this was their first trip to the Basin. She was lucky enough to find a foal and was able to name it. She was thrilled.

We went directly to the 67 horse loop. I had seen a new foal there the day before and was hoping to see it again. We came back down to 126 E and then down to and did the 80/52 loop then the 80/46/48 loop. Her one wish was to see Picasso and he was the last horse we saw. 

23 wild horses 67 by Lake Pond

20 wild horses at 126E

24 wild horses on 67 horse loop

1 wild horse on 46

68 Total Wild Horses 6 Total hours

1 Vehicle on 67 by the corrals, BLM preparing for the OHV training

1 Vehicle on Monument Hill new visitors to the basin

2 Total Vehicles

April 10, 2018

After the installation of the Tourism Boards We drove back on 48. 

2 wild horses by Bitter Pond

15 wild horse on 67 Horse Loop

14 wild horses on 80

5 wild horses on 48

36 Total Wild Horses 

Installation of Interpretive Boards 9 Total Hours

April 11, 2018

I met a woman in the Basin today from the Fairview Rescue. It was her first time in the Basin.

No one had seen Kokomo this spring and we were looking for him today. We spotted him and he is looking really good, compared to the last time he was seen last fall.

We also found that the gate on 2041 had been repaired.

We came in on 67 drove the 52/80 loop, up 2041 and back to 67 and out. 

26 wild horses on 67

12 wild horses on 46

33 wild horses on 80

24 wild horses on 52

14 wild horses on 67 horse loop

109 Total wild horses

2 vehicles on 67

2 vehicles on 80 at Picasso Pond

4 total vehicles   7 Total hours

April 14, 2018

I had a visitor to the Basin with me. She is a journalist and is hoping to do some articles on the Basin. She is also a conservation major and was very interested in the condition of the land.

She was on a schedule and we had limited time in the basin. We drove up 67/126/ to Sheepherders Pond. We measured the water troughs. Wild Horse Warriors is hoping to get donations to get them replaced this spring. There is 120’ of water trough.

38 wild horses on 67/126

38 Total Wild Horses

4 campers on 67 by Kiosk

2 vehicles on 67

6 Total Vehicles 4 total hours

April 15, 2018

It was a beautiful day in the Basin. Everywhere we turned there was a new foal. After we got home we heard that others had found several foals on the other side of the Basis as well. It was a bittersweet day, knowing that for every foal that hits the ground another one leaves the Basin.

We spent the whole day on the east side of the basin on 75. 

The two ponds on 2048 off 75 both have some water. The catch pond between these two ponds and Delta pond is dry and has not had water all spring. Delta Pond has water but is very low. Ruby’s pond looks pretty good, we did not drive down to it, but could see if from the road.

93 Total wild horses 

1 other vehicle. 9 Total Hours

April 19, 2018

A new member of WHW’s went with me to the Basin. It was her first trip to the Basin, although she has lived in Craig many years. We drove up 67 to Clay Buttes Reservoir. From there we continued over to 46 and around to 80 by Picasso Pond. We then went back to 126 and up to 126E pond, then across 2078 by Avocet pond out on 67 Horse Loop and came out by Sheepherders. There were hundreds of sheep there, so we went north to Lookout Mountain the across the top and down YellowCat. From there we went east to 2078 and down to the east junction that takes you back to the lower part of the 67 Horse Loop. We left on 126/67.

We collected DNA from BIndi, we also have the DNA from the colt that was lost in the pond.

5 wild horses on Monument Hill

21 wild horse by Clay Buttes Reservoir

8 wild horses on 126E

6 wild horse on 2078

9 wild horses by Monument Hill

2 wild horses on YellowCat

3 wild horses on lower 67 horse loop

22 wild horses by Bitter Pond 

79 Total Wild Horses 9 Total hours

26 Vehicles in the first hour in the Basin. All were on the main road, 67/126. There were 15 trucks with trailers by the Kiosk.

1 vehicle, at Clay Butte Reservoir

1 Vehicle on 126

2 campers on 48

30 Total Vehicles

April 23,2018

There have been several bands on 75, so I started the day there and took 66N across and then down 126 to 52/80. I left 80 and came down 46/48 back to 67 and the entrance.

2 sheep camps on 75

1 on 126

15 wild horses on 75

6 wild horses on 126E

29 wild horses on 80

20 wild horses on 2048

11 wild horses on 67 by Lake Pond

81 Total Wild Horse

4 Total vehicles on 80  8 Total Hours

April 24,2018

I spent the day on 75. A friend was with me and although she had been to the basin several l times had never spent much time on 75. Most of the bands on 75 were new to her. It was rainy and cold. The ground never got muddy. 

63 Total Wild Horses all on 75 

0 Vehicles 6 Total Hours

April 26, 2018

I didn’t get into the Basin till noon but planned on camping on 75. I drove up 67 to the 52 Junction, drove 52/80, and met some friends at Picasso Pond. One friend is from Clark and one from St Louis. Both have been following the wild horses in Sand Wash for several years. We stayed there and watched three bands come in to the pond and there were two others in the area, that we think we just missed at the pond. I we left on 46/48/67.

Picasso pond is getting low. It is deep in the center when the horses wade out it is up to their bellies, but the shore line is receding. Lake Pond on 67 does not appear to be as deep. There are about 40 wild horses that are consistently seen at Lake Pond. 

Hidden Pond off 48 is dry, but Tecate Pond, right along the road about ½ mile before the turn to Hidden Pond has some water. Not a lot but we found wild horses drinking from it.

Bitter Pond, where you put down the mare with complications, is still looking good, and there are several bands using that daily.

The Basin is getting greener. 

In the last month I have met a couple of different women in the basin that have been very interesting. 0ne, is working with CSU on a new contraceptive that is longer lasting. She was in the basin looking at the land conditions and grading the condition of the wild horses. Not sure if it was in an official capacity.

The other woman was also very knowledge able and when we were talking about the land condition, one of the things that she pointed out was not the level of water in the ponds but the cracks in the land. Since then I have been watching and there are lots of cracks. I had thought about how dry the ponds where and the cracks in the bottom of the ponds, but she was looking at other areas and how many cracks were in the areas away from the ponds.

I saw one flock of sheep on the southern end of 75, another band at Delta Pond on 75 and I heard there were bands at 8 x 8 on the 67 Horse Loop and another band at Sheepherders Pond.

We also saw sheep dogs running the wild horses away from the water holes.

1 wild horse by the corrals

34 wild horses 67/126 Junction

2 wild horses at the 126/52 junction

25 wild horses at Picasso Pond

62 Total Wild Horses 5 Total Hours

1 camper with dirt bikes by the Kiosk

2 trucks with campers and dirt bikes on 48, by the first rattle snake that we saw of the year!

5 vehicles on 67

8 Total vehicles

April 27,2018

I stayed the night in the Basin with my friend from St Louis. I had to leave early, so we spent the morning on 75.

36 Total wild horses on 75 from the top where it flattens out to Delta Pond.

3 Total Vehicles 4 Total hours

I know of two other people that were in the basin.

April 28, 2018

I was not in the basin but got several reports about the number of sheep in the basin. It appears that they surround a pond and the dogs will not allow the horses to come in to drink. Some years this may not be a big issue, but with the shortage of water in the basin this year, everyone is more concerned.

Foal count as of April 28, 2018 

51 births

2 lost foals

1 lost mare and foal due to complications from foaling

49 Live Foals 4-28-18

24 of the mares that foaled also foaled last year

Last year by the end of April we had 40 foals 

The foal that was rescued today is in Eclipse’s band. Eclipse is the stallion that killed or nearly killed the foal last year. He does have two other foals, this year that appear to be fine.

Photos for the April Report

Clay Buttes






Juniper and Bodacious






Jiggy Pond


Kokomo Spring 2018


Ash looking for water in a pond on 66N


Picasso with Spirit Dancer


Delta Pond


Cimarron and Monarch


WHW Blessing of the Land May 6, 2018 for the BLM

May 6, 2018


Blessing of the Land Sunrise Service

Event Summary

May 6, 2018

BY Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin

On May 5th, we met at the location and set up our signs and do a general cleanup. We had parking signs and handicapped signs. My camper was set up for emergencies and a restroom if needed.

We also had the covered picnic area in Maybell reserved in case of bad weather.

There was a miscommunication or lack of communication between the Native Americans and WHW about a honorarium, for the Native Americans. This will need to be addressed before next year.

The night before the service the Native Americans called for directions, they were staying in Craig for the night. They did not realize that Craig was an hour away.

The morning was cold and clear. The Native Americans got lost on their way and we were about 20 minutes late starting.

We had a table with coffee, hot water, tea, hot chocolate and cookies.

There were about 35 guests that showed up and 15 Native Americans.

The Blessing of the Land Service only lasted about 30 minutes.

In general things went very smoothly, but there are some things that we would need to change and readdress for next year. The Native Americans have said they would like to come back.

It has been suggested that it be a sunset ceremony instead of a sunrise. That is something that we would consider.

The Location was great and there is plenty of room for a larger group.

There was a misunderstanding about the parking and we would need to let people know that they need to park on 75, not to come down into the area of the ceremony, except for the handicapped.

We had mini solar lights out to light the way, but the first rays of sunlight shut them off. IF we did a sunset service they would be great to light the way back to the cars.

Several people, including the guests of honor, got lost. We will need to do a better sign at the turn on 75, although again if it’s a sunset ceremony the sign would be easier to see.

By 8:30am we had the site cleaned up and we were headed to Maybell to set up our booth. Later in the morning my husband returned to the Basin and brought out our camper.

Wild Horse Warriors would like to hold this event again next. I think there needs to be a better conversation and explanation of what we would like to see and what the Native Americans would like to do. This year was difficult as we were working through a third person, until the week before the ceremony. Three days before they asked about the honorarium, that had never been discussed and was not included in our permit, so they were told that we would not be offering one, as we did not know it was a standard practice. At that point we were not sure they were going to come. They later contacted us to let us know they would still come.

We had hoped they would wear their native clothing, but they did not. Next year we would request that they wear their native clothing. We would also like the ceremony to be a little longer.

Sunrise Service Photos

Sunrise over the Little Snake River


Sunbeams bathed the Blessing of The Land Ceremony


Davy G 3-25-18


126E 3-27-18


CoffeePot 3-22-18


OutHouse Pond 3-12-18


Picasso Pond 3-10-18


Jiggy Pond


DugOut Pond 1-5-18


Wild Horse Warriors' May 2018 Report to the BLM


My  May 2018  Report to the


By Cindy Wright

May 1, 2018 

Monarch and his sire, Cimarron, having a little chat about life. There is a whole series of shots that tell a story about Cimarron’s son growing up and showing interest in a mare in the band. 

The sheep were leaving the Basin on 75. 

46 Total Wild Horses on 75 

3 Total Hours 

I Tent 

I Camper 

May 5, 2018 

We set up for the Blessing of the Land Service. 

May 6, 2018 


Sunrise for the Blessing of the Land Ceremony 

We had a beautiful morning for our Sunrise Service. After the ceremony I left the Basin and set up for our booth in Maybell. 

May 7, 2018 

We found a herd of about a dozen elk, by OutHouse Pond 

My husband was leaving the Basin and saw Picasso and several of the women that he knew I was friends with. He called to tell me where they were, and my sister-in-law and I left to go see Picasso. We met a very nice young girl from NYC. It was her first time to the Basin and was not sure where to camp. I invited her to set her tent up on 48 where I was camped. After she got her tent set up she came into the camper and we visited. As she was getting ready to leave I asked her if she had a flashlight. She only had her cell phone, so I gave her my lantern to use. As she stepped out of the camper she screamed and came running back in. There was a coiled rattlesnake not 6 feet in front of my camper door. Needless to say she stayed the night with us in the camper. 

18 wild horses on 67 

23 wild horses on 48 

21 wild horses at Picasso Pond on 80 

7 wild horses on 52 

26 wild horses on 2052 

95 Total Wild Horses 

3 campers by the kiosk 

3 vehicles on 67 

2 vehicles on 126 

8 Total Vehicles 7 Total Hours 

May 8, 2018 

29 wild horses on 67 

13 wild horses on 126 

5 wild horse on 2052 

49 wild horses on 75 

96 Total Wild Horses 

5 Total vehicles all on 67 10 Hours 

May 11, 2018  

18 wild horses on 67 

45 wild horses at Lake Pond 

12 wild horses at Bitter Pond 

43 wild horses at 126E 

118 Total Wild Horses 

2 Vehicles on 67 

1 Camper by the Kiosk 

3 Total Vehicles 7 Total Hours 

May 12, 2018 

My husband, sister-in-law and I spent the day on the back side of Lookout Mountain. We found 2 wild horses out of bounds down in the bottom where the two ponds are. The Pond in bounds was dry, but the out of bounds pond has some water in it. We also found a gate at the top of Lookout Mountain open. 

19 wild horses on 67 

3 wild horses on 2047 

16 wild horses on 80 

4 wild horses on 48 

24 wild horses on Lookout Mountain 

50 wild horses at 126E 116 Total Wild Horses 4 vehicles by the Kiosk 

1 vehicle on 2041 

5 Total Vehicles  10 Total Hours 

May 13, 2018 


51 wild horses on 48 

9 wild horse on 52 

26 wild horses came into Sheepherders it was dry, so they moved on 

18 wild horses on 2084 

17 wild horses on 75 

121 Total Wild Horses 

9 Campers at Camper City 

4 campers by the corrals 

1 Vehicle on 2084 

14 total vehicles 9 Total Hours 

May 14, 2018 

A friend has asked me to take her into the basin with another friend. It was the first time for both. They were coming from Baggs, so we were meeting on 127. I had a flat just as I reached to top and had to call Sid, because I did not have a lug nut key for my locked lug nuts. It was a slow start to the day, but we were still able to see several bands. 24 wild horses across the top 

33 wild horses on 67 Horse Loop 

5 wild horse at Copper Pond 

62 Total Wild Horses 

2 vehicles on 67 

1 vehicle on 126 

3 Total Vehicles 9 Total Hours 

May 17, 2018 

I came into the Basin on 67 about 1 and was meeting friends at Clay Buttes. The water is so low at most of the other watering holes in the area there are about 75-10 horses coming into this watering hole daily. A New Friend was there, she has a wealth of information, not all of which I agree with, but still interesting to talk to. There was also a photographer who comes to the Basin often. Unfortunately, both felt that it was OK to get way to close to the water and in the path of the wild horses. Others that were also there were concerned and questioned how close they were to the water and that they were setting in the area the horses had just been running though. 

I had had an interesting conversation with the BLM prior to this trip to the Basin and had very conflicting thoughts about how I should proceed. I choose to leave a flyer on their window and leave the area. 

I am really struggling with the BLM guidelines and their enforcement. I wear two hats when I am in the Basin and for the most part they overlap. Most of what is in my volunteer agreement is the same as the WHW MOU, as far as following the BLM guidelines. Even what I report is basically the same. 

I am a very black and white type and struggle with the non-enforcement of the guidelines. If we have them there is a reason, but if they are not enforced then people just do whatever they want. 

I was told that in the past there has been a sign at Lake Pond that stated, “no vehicles beyond this point”, that sign is gone. We have watering holes that are in the OHV area. There are trails that cross the dams, yet in the HMA we are supposed to stay off the dams, but there are not signs that tell you that. 

We need a stronger presence of BLM personal in the Basin, at the watering holes. Even the unauthorized guided tours show up at the active watering holes, everyone wants the “action shot”, which most often occurs at the watering holes. 

21wild horses on 67 by Lake Pond 

52 wild horses at The Reservoir 

73 Total Wild Horses 

7 vehicles on 67 Total 8 hours 

May 18, 2018 

Last night as I was heading back to my camper, I saw a white truck with a flat bed heading north. It appeared to be some of the sheepherders. This morning I got up to go look at Lake Draw. I knew that the agreement was for the permit holder to take his tanks and turn the spring off when he left the area. I was concerned because we had also been told that as long, as Sheepherders was down, Lake Draw would be left on. When I got to Lake Draw it had been shut off and dismantled. While I was there one of the sheepherders showed up to get his shovel that he had left the night before. There were about 25 horses looking for the water that they were used to getting there. 

I felt sure that there had been a mis-communication, but we needed to get the water back on. Several people knew I was going to check on sheepherders and it didn’t take long for someone to contact SWAT.  

Late in the day after we had left Lake Draw, I was told that I could turn the water back on. 

Friday morning we returned to Lake Draw and removed some T-posts that had been left and we dug a hole to put a 5-gallon, tub in. We had just finished when a band of wild horses came into drink. 

I drove up to Coffeepot to see if the water troughs that were, there could be used, but they would have taken too much work to remove. 

Later that day we were told that we could use the tanks, if there were any from the corrals. I got a call later that night and said there was one tank at the corrals, and we make plans to take it to Lake Draw the next morning. 

3 wild horse on 67 

24 wild horses at Bitter Pond on 67 

8 wild horses at Copper Pong 

30 wild horses at Lake Draw 

19 wild horses at 8X8 

32 wild horses at Twin Buttes on 67 

151 Total Wild Horses 

2 vehicles at Bitter Pond Total 10 hours 

May 19, 2018 

This morning we met at the Corrals and we loaded the tank in the back of my Durango. Others met us at Lake Draw and we got the tank set it place. There was a band that came in right as we finished. I have been back and each time there is a band either at or close to tank in Lake Draw. 

5 wild horses on 75 

26 wild horses at 8X8 on 67 

27 wild horses at Lake Draw 

58 Total wild horses 8 Total Hours 

Spent most of the day working on the water and didn’t see anyone beside those helping May 20, 2018 

By the end of the day Wild Horse Warriors had a donation to cover the full cost of the replacement tanks at Sheepherders. 

3 wild horses by Lake Pond 

25 wild horse by Bitter Pond 

34 wild horses at Copper Pond 

5 wild horses at 8X8 

10 wild horse at Avocet Pond on 2076 

9 wild horses on 126 

86 Total Wild Horses 

6 campers at Camper City 

3 campers by Kiosk 

3 vehicles at Lake Pond 

9 Total Vehicles 8 Total Hours 

May 21, 2018 

The replacement tanks have been ordered and the estimated delivery date is June 4. June 5th WHW had a scheduled day with the BLM in the Basin to look at the water sources. Once we know for sure when the pump is fixed and the delivery date of the troughs WHW’s will schedule a work day and remove the troughs that are there and replace them with the new ones. 

May 22, 2018 

I saw the pump repair folks at Sheepherders, they were testing the pump. They feel like it could have been a lightening strike that shorted it out. They will have to bring the pump truck up to pull the tank. They hope to do that next week. 

13 wild horses at Lake Pond 19 wild horse at Clay Buttes 

29 wild horses at Bitter Pond 

32 wild horses at 8X8 

14 wild horses coming into Sheepherders 

15 wild horses at Copper Pond 

122 Total Wild Horses 

2 vehicles at the Kiosk 

2 vehicles at Lake Pond 

4 Total Vehicles 8 Total hours 

May 24, 2018 

The rain over the last couple of days has helped Lake Pond. It looks a lot better than it did last week. It is the only one that appears to have been affected very much by the rain. 

52 wild horses at Lake Pond 

4 wild horses at the Sheds on 67 

7 wild horses by Copper Pond 

18 wild horses by Lake Draw 

81 Total Wild Horses 

4 Camper with dirt-bikes by the Kiosk 5 Total hours 

May 25, 2018 

A friend form New York City and one from Phoenix arrived in the Basin last night. I met them at Lake Pond and we went to Clay Buttes, on up to Sheepherders and over to Lake Draw. I left them there and headed home.  There were no wild horses there but several bands in the distance. I left and headed to 8x8 there were three cars leaving there and when I got to Twin Buttes I saw that there was a SWAT car there with two other cars. I took a photo of the pond and left. I also run into the Days again, they were on the way to pull the pump and replace it. I returned to the main road and left the basin. 

16 wild horses at Lake Pond 

5 wild horses at Clay Buttes on 67 

24 wild horses at Copper Pond 

18 wild horses above Lake Draw 

7 wild horses at 8x8 on 67 

13 at Twin Buttes on 67 

83 Total Wild Horses 

2 cars at Lake Pond 

4 vehicles at Copper Pond 

1 car at Lake Draw 

3 cars at Twin Buttes 

1 car on 67 

11 Total vehicles 5 total hours 

May 26, 2017 

I was in the Basin only long enough to pick up my camper, from 48, take it to Maybell to dump and fill with water and return to a different location over on 75. 

May 27, 2018 

My husband and came into the basin on 75 the east boundary. We drove up to the Spence Spring and took 66 east to the boundary and back up to 75d. As we returned to our camper we saw three horses. Those are the only wild horses we saw. 

3 wild horses no vehicles 2 hours 

May 28, 2017 

We found a section of fence laying on the ground on a two track that took us by the lowest section of the out of bounds area north of the 66 junction and between the two cattle guards west of 75. We fixed about a mile of fence in that area. 

We drove up 75 to 66 and after DugOut we took a two -track north. We found the fence down and repaired it, then returned to 66 and over to Lake Draw then down to Sheepherders and out of the Basin. 3 wild horses out of bounds on 75 

2 wild horses at Lake Draw 

14 wild horses on Lookout 

8 wild horses at Copper Pond 

2 wild horses at 126E 

10 wild horses by Bitter Pond 

5 wild horses on 67 

3 wild horses at Lake Pond 

47 Total Wild Horse 

3 vehicles on LookOut 

1 Rocky Mountain Youth Corp car on 67 

3 vehicles by the Kiosk 

7 Total Vehicles 4 total hours 

May 29, 2018 

I arrived in the Basin early afternoon and stayed on the East side. I drove a few of the eastern roads looking for some of our wild horses that might be out of bounds. I found 4 bachelors on 75E by the pond. There are least 6 others that we believe are in that same area, but I never found them. 

4 wild horses by Delta Pond 

18 wild horses by Ruby’s pond including one new foal bringing the number to 79 foals born 

22 Total Wild Horses in Bounds 4 out of bounds 

I Moffat County Truck Total 4 hours Total 

Lake Draw 8:30 am. There were 5 bands waiting to get water. They were drinking the tank down faster than it was refilling. There is very little over flow. 

May 30, 2018 

I started the morning on 75 and drove up to 66 then over to Lake Draw. From Lake Draw I went to Sheepherders to check on the water there. The pump is working but the troughs were only about a ¼ full. Two bands came into the troughs and passed them by, one headed to 8x8 and the other down to Copper Pond. I drove down to Copper Pond and then turned around and went up Lookout Mountain. The road graders were working the area around Lookout Mountain. From there I went over to 

CoffeePot. CoffeePot is full but there is no over flow. I drove across the top and back down 75. 

I was very concerned by the lack of vegetation on Lookout Mountain, and lots of dry grasses or weeds. 

6 wild horses on 75 4 out of bounds 

2 wild horses on 66 

56 wild horses at Lake Draw 

17 wild horses at Sheepherders 

9 wild horses at Copper Pond 

42 wild horses at the base of Lookout Mountain 

22 wild horse at CoffeePot 

152 Total Wild Horses 

3 Vehicles on 126 10 total hours 

Lake Pond the back section is now dry, and the front section has mud in the middle showing. Since this photo was taken I have seen photos of just a little water left around the edges. 

May 31, 2018 

I drove 75 down to Ruby’s Pond then back up to 66, over to Lake Draw and then down 67 Horse Loop and out on 67. 

6 wild horses on 75 

5 wild horses by Ruby’s pond.  

This group is a group that had been out of bounds and are now back in bounds. 

8 wild horses by Lake Draw 

48 wild horses at 8X8 

1 wild horse by Lake Pond 

68 Total Wild Horse 5 Total hours 

2 vehicles on 67 

2 vehicles on 126 

5 truck by the kiosk 

9 Total Vehicles 

Foal Count as of 5-31-18 is 80 births, 5 known deaths, 75 live foals in the basin. 

There is one foal, Blizzard, that has been separated from her band and was last seen alone 5-26-18. She has since been seen with another band and appears fine. Her dam is not with her. As of 6-3-18 it now appears that Blizzard is alone and not doing well. 

There is one foal, Belle Starr, that appears sick in Willie Nelson’s band. She is very listless and is breathing very hard, 5-30-18. There are no apparent injuries. She did not show up at the waterhole with her band 6-3-18, so is now assumed deceased. 

There is one foal, Nash, missing, he is two months old so its possible that he has been picked up by another band. He was healthy that last time he was seen. 

Eagle the stallion reported injured about a month ago, appears to have re-injured his leg and it may be a lot more serious this time.

Photos for the May 2018 Report

Picasso and Spirit Dancer


The sun rising over the Little Snake River during the Blessing of The Land


Elk off of 52










Our trail camera picked up an early visitor to Sand Wash Basin, Mr Bobcat.


We found fence down off of a two track and repaired it.




Members of Tashunka's Band drinking from the temporary water tank.


Pico and his band drinking at the larger temporary tank that the BLM gave us permission to use.